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Essentially Lavender Truffle

Essentially Lavender Truffle

SKU: 0007
PriceFrom C$11.15

Our Essentially Lavender Chocolate Truffle is one of our newest offerings. Dark, Peruvian ganache infused with Organic, lavender essential oil in just the right proportions. The lavender essence paired with the deep, rich undertones and the perfect bite of our fairtrade, organic, peruvian couverture makes for a winning combination.

Certified Vegan and Certified Organic

If you like lavender, you will love our Essentially Lavender Truffle.


Hand dipped Artisanal Dark Chocolate Truffles

100% Organic Ingredients - Certified Vegan

Dairy Free/Gluten Free/Soy Free
~71% Cacao European Couverture dark Chocolate Shell
Sweetened with Dates

This exquisite box of dark chocolate truffles contains  4 individually wrapped pieces.

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