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  • What does it mean when you say that Hooray Truffles are certified vegan?
    To become vegan certified, businesses are required to submit and have approved by the Vegan Awareness Foundation certain steps and certain standards that must be adhered to. To read more about the certification process that we adhere to please go to
  • How do you sweeten your Dark Chocolate Vegan truffles?
    We "fruit sweeten" our truffles using organic whole dates. We do not use additional sugar of any sort in the creation of our confections. Dates are not only full of vitamins and fibre but this fibre drives the glycemic index down and makes these amazing healthy truffles also diabetic friendly! How great is that!
  • I have diabetes and watch my sugar intake. Are Hooray Truffles Diabetic Friendly?
    Dates are an incredibly nutritious fruit that actually have a glycemic index that is lower than bananas and are not found to increase blood sugar. Dates are also packed with fibre, B vitamins, vitamin K, and vitamin A! This is so much better for our bodies than using either refined sugars or sugar substitutes, many of which are toxic to our bodies.
  • How should I store Hooray Truffles after purchase?
    The fresher chocolates are, the better they taste. This might seem obvious, but it bears repeating: everything chocolate has a higher pinnacle of flavor and texture the fresher it is. For this reason alone, we suggest buying our truffles in amounts you're likely to consume in a short period of time. If however you have the enviable position of having in your possession more truffles than you can eat in a reasonable period of time we suggest you follow these guidelines here that we have put together for you.
  • Are there any nuts in your products?
    None of our products contain nuts and in fact nuts do not touch any of our equipment! We are very careful to make our products allergen free and that includes nuts. :)
  • I have allergies? What allergens are your truffles free of?
    Our products are free of all 9 priority allergens and we also source our chocolate from an allergen free facilty.
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