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We Specialize in Certified Organic, Vegan, Dark Chocolate Truffles and Below are Just A Few of Our Amazing Testimonials. 


Our chocolates are gluten free, soy free, and fruit sweetened with no refined sugar. Nutrient density is our passion and we demonstrate it in the creation of a chocolate truffle that is healthy and whole. An exceptional truffle taste experience that utilizes organic, fairtrade, certified vegan couverture of the highest calibre .

We hope that you enjoy them as much as we do.


Developed by Holistic Nutritionist, Health Coach and Personal Chef 

Alanna Kingston

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Excellent product. Great mouth feel, perfect melt and wonderful flavour! I am very impressed 

Lindi Smith

These truffles are REALLY REALLY good. I was very impressed with the quality, texture and taste. I highly recommend them. It is not often I can say that a food is memorable. These are. 
Kim is pretty great also.


Janice Burke

Some of the best moments of my past week, must have been the times when I shared these delicious truffles with dear (old/new) friends, and as the Divinity of them melted away in their mouths, I would watch them drift of to far-away places. 'Having a little moment', got complete new meaning!
These truffles are completely out of this world; this is Next Level, Guilt-Free, Indulgence. You can taste the love and endless commitment of Kim and Alanna in each and every bite, and I can't wait for more people to spend precious moments with these goodies, so that these ladies can focus fully on what they do best: make time stop and bring bliss to the world <3. 
Thank you for all that you are and do, your beautiful story, your mission, your gifts, your devotion and dedication.
If you haven't tried these yet, hunt them down: ASAP!



Found "Hooray - Truffles by Alanna" this past weekend at the West Coast Christmas show...YUM!! Will be ordering some of these goodies for Christmas <3



These are seriously amazing and my son & husband love them too!! Thank-you for making such delicious vegan treats!!! xo


Oh My.

attended FV Women's expo on the weekend and bought four truffles. Just ate the first and don't know that I've ever had anything so amazing. Thank you!!! I will be purchasing more!!


Alanna, I have to write to say THANK YOU, as a particpant in Blissful Yoga's Retreat at Painted Boat Resort this past weekend... your gift of chocolate truffles on our pillows were a most special TREAT! Geez, what a perfect and Sunshine Coast Olive Oil Company's Balsamic Vinigarette! Total yum!!

Carolyn Clarke

Hooray Truffles chocolates are a very recent and delightful discovery.


I have tried the raspberry, blueberry, flaked coconut, and dark intense truffles – all are infused with rich flavours. I have given them as gifts and the response is invariably “wow!” I love the truffles, but my all-time favourites are Hooray’s chocolate-dipped caramels. Vegan caramels are not easy to find, let alone good ones. Hooray’s are the best ever. The chocolate-caramel combination is superb and the caramel has a wonderful nutty and toasted flavour. Hooray Truffles is super accommodating and has been willing to custom-make them salt-free, which is my preference.


Thank you Kim and everyone at Hooray Truffles for your wonderful treats.  Monica T.

At Hooray we are happy to partner with and/or include these

fine products in our vegan, certified organic, dark chocolate truffles. 

Sunshine Coast Olive Oil Co.
Okanagan Pink Salt Co.
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