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Happiness is a Mindset Game


"It's all about your mindset".

This is the message I am receiving from all angles lately.

If you want to be happy, it's all about your mindset,

If you want success, it begins with your mindset.

If you want to live a fulfilled, abundant, and loving life, your mindset.

and I try to do things that keep me grounded, centred and that protect my mindset on a daily basis but lately, with all of the changes in my life with the builidng of the Hooray Truffles Studio and marketing courses, another j.o.b. and life, those practices have slipped right out of my experience.

And I can feel it.

Funny how for me the things that keep me grounded, centred, and my mindset healthy get dropped off of my plate when I need them the most.

Just another lesson to me to put those things, like an umbrella, at the top of my list, overseeing everything, and give them the highest priority.

Lately, I find myself feeling scattered and a little more anxious than usual and a little less certain in my ability to manifest and have the life I choose. When this happens I know it is time to double down and do the things that keep me sane and so this is what I am doing in the next couple of days...

1 hour massage today

1 day silent meditation retreat this Sunday

Some sleep this weekend

Some greens tonight, lovely, lively food. I crave it.

What are you going to do for yourself this week? Double down! Just do one thing! Put yourself first. Love yourself and nurture yourself.

Take care of that mindset.

I know I am going to.


PS... Here are a couple more amazing dressing recipes that I received from the 10 day vipassanna meditation retreat in Merritt. These are exceptional recipes that I use regularly.

To download them now click here for the Miso Salad Dressing and here for the Tahini Dill Dressing


For those that are interested, the one day meditation retreat that I am attending this weekend on the Sunshine Coast is the Sunshine Coast Insight Meditation.

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