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Hooray for Chocolate Truffle Production

There has been a lot to learn about chocolate in the last few years and the more I learn about the amazing properties of chocolate the more I want to learn.

Hooray Truffles’ philosophy is that food can heal your body.

The fact that our truffles are a whole fruit sweetened, plant based confection is huge in the industry today and drives our business growth and movement day after day.

Our life style outside of Hooray includes foods that are healthy, clean, organic, green, preservative free, enzyme rich, whole, and nutrient dense.

When I head into the production kitchen I usually dip between 200 and 400 truffles at a time. My tempering machine is made by Chocovision and it is the star.

I never get tired of heading to the Hooray kitchen and starting to temper the outstanding organic, couverture that we use to cover our truffles. It is a spectacular reflection of what we believe in in that it is nothing more than cacao beans, undeodorized cocoa butter, and unrefined cane sugar.

We are proud to use chocolate that is produced with such a high degree of morality and care.

In our connections with people on a daily basis it is our pleasure to not only bear witness to the intense pleasure that is had when our truffles are sampled but to also be able to say that the chocolate is not only organic and soy lecithin free, but it is also fairly traded with the welfare of the cocoa farmers as a priority.

I am so proud to say that we sit fully in the pocket of a nutrient dense, healthy, earth conscious vision and mission and my job is to educate and spread the word about the health benefits of living a fully plant based lifestyle that encompasses good quality, whole fruit sweetened confections such as our truffles.

I love what I do and it makes this chocoholic excited to wake up in the morning.

In love and gratitude to all of you.



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