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Synergy = Happiness

Synergy: (noun)

The interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects:

One of the things that I thoroughly enjoy about being an entrapreneur and small business owner is the synergy. The ability to collaborate with other small business owners and help eachother.

Collaborating with fellow entranpreneurs result in cross promotion, free advertising, new leads, new friends, new ideas, networking and a whole host of wonderful things and it creates "synergy", a combined effect greater than the sum of our separate parts..

At Hooray Truffles, we have been doing this for a while with the Sunshine Coast Olive Oil Company. It is their Italian balsamic vinegars that we infuse into our oh so popular balsamic infused ganaches. We also recently started using The Black Bean's fine roasted coffee on our Coffee Bean Naked truffles. Our Himalayan Salt truffles are topped with salt from no other than Magi's fine Himalayan salt. Magi happens to be the owner of the Okanagan Pink Salt Co.. We've put shrubs from Gillespie's Fine Spirits into our ganache and are planning to use the fine organic essential oils made by Healing Scents right here in Gibsons.

Our philosophy of life is all about unity, about togetherness, equality, co-operation, and synergy. For those small businesses mentioned above and for the incredible people that run them, I am eternally grateful. One and all, they make my life and my world a better place.

My goal is to continue to partner with small businesses and work together to create products and cross promote each other. If you have an idea for a new truffle flavour or a new organic, vegan, chocolate confection tell us! We are always up for new ideas, for new partners, and for synergy.



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