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Let's Talk About Chocolate

As many of you know, the story of our business, Hooray - Truffles revolves around a philosophy that food can heal your body.

Our life style and life philosophy include foods that are healthy, clean, organic, green, preservative free, enzyme rich, whole, and nutrient dense.

The chocolate that we use in the creation of our truffles is a spectacular reflection of what we believe in in that it is created by a masterful bean to bar chocolate maker that not only has spearheaded the rainforest alliance project but also works closely with the cacao bean farmers to ensure that fairtrade and sustainablilty practices are met and upheld.

This chocolate consists of of nothing more than cacao beans, undeordorized cocoa butter, and unrefined cane sugar and their involvement in each step of chocolate production allows them to deliver the highest quality of pure vintage chocolate to us.

We are proud to use chocolate that is produced with such a high degree of morality and care.

In our connections with people on a daily basis it is our pleasure to not only bear witness to the intense pleasure that is had when our truffles are sampled but to also be able to say that the chocolate is not only organic, it is fairly traded, soy lecithin free, and rainforest alliance certified.

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