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What brings you joy?

As I get older, I start to truly understand what makes me happy. Even more then just happy, what makes me thrive, what makes me come alive. What brings out the true Alanna, where can I truly be myself?

This is a wonderful discovery.

Today, this is my happy list.

First when I think of pure happiness. I think of children. As hectic and chaotic some people find time with children, (especially not their own) I can honestly say when I am in my happy place, I am surrounded by children. I love their magic. I love their pureness. I love how they say whatever comes to their mind with that beautiful honesty that just pours from their mouths (hence why I taught preschool for 5 years). I love the fun that can be had, with nothing! The excitment bubbles out of them. It makes me smile.

Secondly, I think of physical activity, specifically - running outside. It brings me down, back to earth when my mind is going a million directions at once. Moving my body grounds me. Everything just floats away for the time being, and I am at peace.

Third. My family. Something about the unconditional love of family is so comforting. My immediate family are the closest people to me. We are a team. I am so happy I have two sisters, who I can call my best friends, my best people. XO

Fourth. My space. I love my space, I love the quiet where I can hear my thoughts and quietly go through them one by one.

Fifth. My body. This fifth answer is an interesting one for me because there was a time in my life where this would never ever ever come close to being mentioned in a HAPPY list. I have struggled with body image, disordered eating for many years of my life. I finally am in a space in my life where I am happy with my body. Think of how many days in a year, why put so much stress on every single day, every single hour, minute? I am happy with myself, I don't care what other people think. I love feeding my body food that nourishes it, brings it to life. I love knowing what I've put into my body is helping to keep all my organs and cells functioning at tip top pace. On the contrary, I also have learnt to forgive myself, & not be so harsh. I let myself sleep in and skip my morning work out, just because I'm feeling tired. I let myself have a chocolate bar, just because I am in the mood for chocolate. I go out for drinks with my friends, and order without thinking of the lowest calorie drink. I live in the moment, and I enjoy it.

What is on your happy list?


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