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Fall has Arrived

Hiiiiii. Isn't this weather lovely lately!? I am so in love with our fall weather! The leaves changing colours, the cool breeze, and believe it or not, the rain!! We haaaaave to love the rain if we live on the west coast.

With this cool weather, comes cozy, warm, comfort food cravings...

Well for me anyways!

As I was walking through the aisles of the grocery store yesterday looking for oatmeal (to make a cozy warm pot of oatmeal to have on hand) I was inspired to check out alternative grains which I could make into an "oatmeal" breakfast cereal type dish! I'm not sure what triggered this inspirational moment, perhaps it was the module in my Health Coaching course which encouraged us to experiment with new grains.. or something in the air.. or the fact the oatmeal didn't seem too exciting as I was looking at the package.. Whatever the reason - I'm happy I tried something new.

My eyes were drawn towards Amaranth and Buckwheat Groats! I decided to buy both of them. I cooked both the amaranth and buckwheat as per directions on the packaging. However, while cooking the amaranth which had a cooking time of 20 minutes I added some sliced apples to the boiling pot... The apples cooked down with the amaranth and when I finished cooking the amaranth I combined both grains. I then added a big teaspoon of cinnamon and some sea salt.


I also drizzled some of my homemade almond milk on top - which was the perfect addition! So yummy and a perfect way to warm up on the inside during this cool fall weather.


#amaranth #buckwheat #groats #cinnamon #apples


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