• Kim Kingston

New Beginnings

Hellllloooo August.

A new month. A new beginning. A new mindset. A new focus.

To stay positive during chaos.

To remain calm.

To think clearly.

That is my challenge. Reading back on my posts as I transferred them over to our Hooray truffles website I notice one thing. The posts I have written are very deep, inner emotions of my mind - and all come down to one main focus...


I can write and write about the importance of listening to your own intuition, however I am struggling to actually listen to my OWN. Isn't that insane?

This past month I have begun working on self-regulation of my emotions. The ability to calm yourself down when you're upset, as well as being able to cheer yourself up when you're feeling down. To me - that is self-regulation. I am working towards accepting the things I cannot change, and working on myself as an human being. I also am practicing self kindness - letting myself make mistakes and being okay with those mistakes... since we are all human right?

I forgive myself.

The word, "emotion," derived from the latin, literally means "to move."

It was believed that emotions move behavior; in modern times we say they motivate behavior. They energize us to do things by sending chemical signals to the muscles and organs of the body - emotions prepare us for action. Our emotions carry a message, why do so many of us choose to ignore these very clear signals?

What sorts of things do you do to practice self regulation, and/or self kindness?

My goal is to find the happiness within myself and not give anyone else the power to take it away.

Good evening & good night



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