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Long Lost Blogger

Hello you beautiful people..

I haven't made a post since June 18 I realize... I am so sorry! We have been undergoing many changes, one being - combining my own personal blog Chocolatey Kale to merge with Hooray Truffles website. From now on, Hooray Truffles will be home to not only our beautiful chocolate website but my blog as well.

The month of July I also spent travelling around British Columbia during my holidays. I travelled to Vancouver Island - and drove to Tofino and surfed for my very first time... and loved it! I also really pushed myself and went sky diving in Qualicum Beach!! All in all, July has definitely been a month of growth in every area of my life.

As much as I thoroughly loved my insane two months of no schedules, ferry rides, road trips, and maybe a bit too much B.C wine.. I being a creature of habit - am very happy to be home and back into routine.

I love my morning green smoothie,

my crossfit in the mornings...

My Routine.

The most amazing green smoothie (Look at the bright green!) - especially right now with the fresh kale from the garden...

1 cup almond milk

2 tbsp bee pollen

1 frozen banana

2 cups fresh kale from garden

Handful of spinach

1 tsp maca powder

- if you're feeling chocolatey...add some raw cacao powder ;)

Namaste... XO

BLEND... and enjoy <3


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