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Let There Be Positivity... and Chocolate

Hello all.

Life is good. Life is happening. Life is now. Funny how when things get tough in life – naturally we pick up the pieces and continue on with or without what we held so dearly. Maybe not as gracefully as one would hope at the beginning, but we learn to cope, we learn to move forward. The tomorrow’s become today’s and we can see the brightness of life on the other side. Life is a beautiful experience.

Tonight I wrote down on little pieces of paper everything I want to manifest in my life, and also I wrote things I will be leaving behind. I acknowledged each thought as I wrote it down then I burnt each piece of paper. I set it out into the universe. I set my thoughts free. I encourage everyone to do this – whether you choose to burn your paper – it is completely individual. Do what you feel you need too. (Using safety..please!)

I choose happiness. I choose calm. I choose these because only I can control what is going on inside my body, inside my mind. I realize I cannot control the universe, the people who I love, or peoples actions.

Once I finished this wonderful serious business – of course you can imagine as it was 9:00 pm … I was in need of a chocolate fix so I blended up this.. literally (in 5 minutes or less)

Blended Chocolate Avocado Banana Pudding

1/2 avocado 1 frozen banana 4 dates 1/3 cup raw cacao powder 1/2 tsp vanilla 1/3 cup almond milk, unsweetened (more if the mixture doesn’t blend)

Turn on blender!

I use my Vitamix – and let blend until smooth. It took me about 3-5 minutes, stopping to stir and test a couple of times. YUM! So simple & delicious.

Top with fruit/nuts/ or eat plain!


#positivity #chocolate #mindfulness


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