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Today I Choose Peace


This has been an ongoing learning experience in my life since I was first introduced to the concept when I was sixteen. I was admitted into the Eating Disorder Program at B.C. Children’s Hospital when I was sixteen. I was an inpatient in the program and lived at the Children’s hospital for six months in an intensive program. A huge component of this program was learning how to become mindful, learning to observe our thoughts not become them, and really learning how our minds only have the power we give them. When you’re mindful, you observe your thoughts and feelings from a distance, without judging them good or bad. To be mindful is to live with authenticity, openness, intention, and grace.

Through out my life, I am constantly reminded just how important being mindful is. Inevitably life throws us curve balls, people change; unexpected things are always going to happen. Each of us as individuals holds the power of how we react to these events and changes in our lives.

When we walk through life living from the heart and soul, embracing all moments in life, responding mindfully and proactively, and accepting the imperfect we can conquer the world.

Be kind to yourself, love yourself, and find the happiness in the little things.

Happy Monday everyone

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