The story

that led to these

wonderful organic, vegan, dark chocolate truffles began early –


far before we

realized it was our



As a young girl in the 70’s and 80’s, I struggled with what was to later be labeled an “eating disorder”.


Through my long journey to wellness and self discovery I tapped into an insatiable thirst for knowledge both spiritual and health related. Later, as a mother to two daughters, I vowed never to place the emphasis on food and to do everything in my power to help my girls avoid the “food struggles” and “body image” issues that had so plagued not only my young adult life but the lives of so many women around me.


At 12 years of age, my first born, Alanna, began to exhibit disordered eating behaviours. Behaviours that I recognized and knew well. During the ensuing years of Alanna’s journey to wellness, we met amazing mentors that were to forever change our outlook on life and ultimately change her path.


Our combined mother/daughter experience through the stronghold of disordered eating catapulted us into an entirely different mindset that embraced mindful eating, eating to live, healing your body through whole foods, plant based living, organic and non-gmo, and the important links between physical and emotional wellness and food: the undeniable mind/body connection.


Alanna’s fire and passion to serve ignited her deep love of cooking and guided her into the arena of health coaching where "smart food" and "nutrient density" were key players. You can find her now following her heart and her passion at:

Alanna Kingston Holistic Nutritionist and Chef


Out of this cooking and living paradigm was born the recipe that was to become the business of Hooray. <3

and the rest is history.... :)

Vegan Organic Chocolate Truffle
We believe...
 ...that you can heal your body and your mind with food. the importance of organic and non-GMO ingredients.
...that a whole food, plant based diet is the key to health in all areas including our planet.
We live these values by creating outstanding organic, vegan, dark chocolate truffles from the purest and cleanest of ingredients that possess the highest vibrational frequency.

At Hooray Truffles we believe that it is important to give back and to share our story and the knowledge that we have acquired through our experience in hopes of helping others. We value and honour others that do the same and so as a small business we have decided to show our support and donate

annually to the Looking Glass Foundation.


The Looking Glass Foundation is a BC-based charity founded in 2002. It is a caring community of prevention and support for those suffering from anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders — and those who love them. They are about getting to the other side of eating disorders, and to eventually

achieving a world without this devastating disease.

We love that.

                         You can find out more about their incredible organization here

The Looking Glass Foundation - Hooray Truffles
Soy Free Chocolate


Kim and  Alanna  


Certified Vegan Chocolate
Gluten Free Chocolate