"L" is For LOVE and This Box Vibrates with LOTS & LOTS OF IT. :)

Damascus Rose, NAKED Minglers, Caramels, and Cozy Relaxation...

Happy Valentines Day!!

We have put together a special Vegan Valentine's Chocolate Box just for you that includes our favourite Heart Centred RoseTruffles - infused with Damascus Rose, Our Chocolate Salted Caramels, a special box of our Favourite Naked Minglers, and a Hand crafted healing 100% cotton Batik Eye Pillow for your Relaxation.


Who wouldn't want to rest those eyeballs while you savour our chocolate ;).

Valentine's Day is almost here and Love is in the air.

*5 pc Damascus Rose Box - Infused with Damascus rose - high vibration flower essences to raise your vibe and ground you.

*5 pc Naked Mingler Box - Our very popular Naked Minger Box has a combo of Coffee, Himalayan Pink Salted, Coconut Flake and Dark and intense with a special little red heart for you.

*6 pc Salted Caramel Box - because who doesn't think salted caramels, especially vegan caramels keep you healthy and bring the love!

*Body Buddy Eye Pillow - Unscented 100% Cotton filled with a combination of rice and flax for the best of heat retention.

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Time To Bask In Love With the Valentine's Day Chocolate Collective

Hooray for Valentine's Day Chocolate Box

Order Your  Box HERE
Order Your Box HERE


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