Covid-19 Impact in our World


One that that you may not realize about Hooray is that we are not open to the public. We have strategically placed ourselves as an online business only and that bodes well for this unique situation that we find ourselves in with Covid-19. 


For OUR amazing customers, that means no contamination and no public germs of any kind, good or bad enter our unique Chocolate Studio.


Our products are made exclusively in our commercial kitchen and are never, and have never been exposed directly to human touch. 


As all of our events are being cancelled day by day I have decided to up my “Direct to Door” offerings by doing two things… increasing my product offering of goodies and second, offering FREE SHIPPING for all orders Nationwide that are over $50.00 and FREE DELIVERY LOCALLY.



Please click here to see what we have! Vegan Caramels, Truffles, Hot Chocolate Lovin’ Spoonfuls, and more to come for Easter.


I will continue to operate as long as we have means to get these to you. After all, Easter and Mother’s Day are just around the corner and just because we may be under a forced quarantine situation or state of emergency, it doesn’t mean that we cannot indulge in the pleasurable things in this world. 


And to me, chocolate is at the top of my list. 


Much love to you all.

We will get through this. 


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